Drafting Sales Emails with AI
That's us, that's all we think about.
Deep Tech + Human Empathy
Founded in 2015 by two engineers, Drafter builds and maintains artificial intelligence powered sales tech that manages our business customers' sales pipelines. We're backed by Entrepreneur First and split ourselves between London and San Francisco.

We are a hardcore technology company, but we understand that our technology has progressed to the point that it doesn't need to have it's own interface. Instead choosing to work behind the scenes, integrating directly into the existing workflows of our customers. We build our business sustainably through passionate and loyal customers – and every single team member, scientist or not, has a mission of delivering exceptional customer service at all times.
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Ready to help build something earth-shattering? You'll have to work fast and will be working along-side borderline obsessive personality types. If that sounds like it might be a good fit...
Less Time Emailing, More Time Closing.

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